Programs Offered

Other programs available for

  • Educators
  • After-school programs
  • Corporate groups 
  • Heath care arenas
  • Therapists counselors
  • Private family lessons
  • Baby and parent classes

Programs can be designed to meet the specific need of your group. No musical experience is necessary in any training program.

Singing Games and Dances:  Learn kid tested and approved  games that involve singing, dancing, and moving.  Kids (and grown-ups) will be having so much fun they won’t even know they are singing!  Appropriate for K-8 classroom teachers, or after-school programs.

Baby and Me Music Classes:
From infants to kindergarten, learn the essential skills for musical development.  Steady beat games, finger plays, echo songs, tickles, musical stories, lap games, easy instrument lessons, and interactive songs and dances.

Recorder ; More than Hot Cross Buns:  Learn how to introduce and use recorder in your classroom. 

Guitar can Make you a Star:  Learn the basics of beginning guitar.  This workshop teaches how to read tablature, strumming patters, and basic chords.  You’ll be pickin’ and grinnin’

Healing Drum Workshop:  Learn rhythms of life, spirit, and the world.  Learn how the drum can become a tool in your own personal quest for well being.

Drumming Games and Ensembles:  In this workshop, learn rhythm games and ensembles all based on using speech and language to learn complex rhythm patterns that sound great!

Introduction to Drum Circle Facilitation:  Learn the techniques, cues, and important tips to facilitating a drumming group.  

Learn more about how the HealtHRHYTHMS training methods Abbie uses can benefit you and your organization
  • Impact on Immune System
  • Employee Burnout and Turnover Reduction
  • Reducing Student Drop-out Rate
  • Genomic Impact
  • Corporate Employee Wellness Benefits
  • Creativity and Bonding in Seniors
  • Effect on At-Risk Adolescents
  • Stress Impact


“Abbie’s passion, energy, creativity, and depth flow into all her work, creating a powerful experience in drumming, music, and empowerment for students- children and adults alike.  I recommend her.”
Christine Stevens MSW, MT-BC, MA, Author of Music Medicine, The Art and Heart of Drum Circles, and The Healing Drum Kit.

“I felt happier, less stressed, more productive and energetic, empowered, grounded, and connected due to the experience. You made a significant difference in my life with your upbeat drumming protocol and your positive teaching manner. I would do it again anytime, any place.”  Elisabeth Schultz, LMFT

“I want to thank you for your time. Every time we played the drums I was not doing well, by the end all was better.”  Mental Health Services Consumer

“This was the first time that I can remember that I did not think about my disease for a whole hour!”  Eating disorder patient

“I was amazed at the calmness and release you feel right away. I have never played an instrument before, but I was an important part of the group and our community.  It’s easy and anyone can do it and feel good while doing it!”  “Drumming Up Health” participant.

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