Listen to Abbie’s work with children and adults of all ages and abilities discover joy in making music together.  
All recordings were performed live and unrehearsed.

Work with Children

Criss Cross Applesauce
Three-year old preschool students learn to use their voice in different ways and discover rhythm in words.

Over My Head
First grade students sing echo songs to learn how to match pitch.

Pretty Planet
Second grade students begin to sing solos.

Let Me Be a Light
Third grade students use recorder, xylophones, and percussion instruments.

I Hope You Dance
7th grade students choose their own songs that touch their hearts and combine with dance group.

8th grade high-risk girl’s group.


Whiskey Before Breakfast
Acoustic West Band
Tricia Ferguson (fiddle), Ron Johnson (guitar and vocals), Abbie Ehorn (guitar and vocals) and Tom Spence (Bass)

Cherry Pink
Acoustic West Band

Ashoken Farewell 
Abbie Ehorn and Christine Hogan

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